The Purest Hemp-Derived CBD Products in America

OptaNaturals Total PCR Hemp is the only CBD brand endorsed by America’s Doctor, Dr. Mike Moreno.

OptaNaturals Total PCR Hemp gets my highest possible recommendation. They use the whole hemp plant to give CBD to boost it needs to deliver maximum benefits. 





Dr. Mike Moreno

Diet and Longevity Expert | New York TimesTM Best-Selling Author

The Entourage Effect Makes Total PCR Hemp Different from ANY OTHER CBD You’ve Ever Seen


8X More Powerful than CBD Alone

CBD isn’t the only powerful compound found in all-natural hemp. It’s one of several dozen “phytocannabinoids”, and these compounds are meant to work TOGETHER.

When they do, they trigger something called the “Entourage Effect” which can make CBD up to 8 TIMES more powerful.

Other CBD companies don’t want you to know this because they’re trying to sell you low-quality CBD Isolate with none of these other powerful compounds. But here at OptaNaturals, we want you to experience the MAXIMUM benefit so we proudly display our Total PCR Hemp Status as the Best CBD Hemp Supplement in America.

See The Difference for yourself

Total PCR Hemp Vs. Other CBD Brands

  • Optimal Whole Plant Power
  • Rich in CBN, CBV, CBC, CBG
  • 100% Pure Hemp Oil
  • Less Than 0.3% THC
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested for Potency & Purity
  • Full 300MG of CBD in Every Bottle
  • Money Back Guarantee
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