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About OptaNaturals

Combined, our team has over 30 years of experience in bringing the most innovative health product in the world to the people who need them most.

We are dedicated to the belief that each person has the power to support, improve, and sustain their health inside and out. 

We work each day to support our customers in this journey by giving them the very best of what the earth has to offer, in its purest and most natural form.

We believe that this dedication to purity, potency and honestly can be felt when you try any OptaNaturals product. 

We thank you for coming along with us on this journey.

About Dr. Mike Moreno

Dr. Mike Moreno has spent over 20 years practicing as a board certified Family Medicine Specialist in San Diego California. He is a board member of the American College of Family Medicine in San Diego and a world-renowned expert in the fields of health, longevity and nutrition.


He has appeared on countless media outlets to teach millions of viewers about the power of food and nutrition to impact our health and published a New York Times Best-Selling Book called the 17 Day Diet that has sold millions of copies worldwide and helped people in over 18 countries collectively lose more than 1 Million Pounds.